Why Bytek?

Why work with Bytek when there are so many?

Bytek is a flexible and talented team of IT professionals. We are committed to providing the best service and prices in the industry. We purchase used computer servers, networking hardware, and telecom equipment. We provide professional quality refurbishment at discount prices, often beating list price by 80%. Our standard warranty is 90 days, although we can provide longer warranties if needed. We can have most refurbished hardware certified so that it will be accepted by your maintenance program. We can also set up a customized 3rd party maintenance program for you, which can save approximately 25% of your total cost of ownership.

If your datacenter has repair projects or urgent shipments, we can take care of those issues. Bytek offers board level repair and can ship out immediate replacement parts or upgrades.

With over 100 years of IT industry experience, Bytek has become a trusted leader in the refurbished IT and telecom industry. All of our equipment is fully tested, cleaned, and refurbished prior to shipping to your location. Your time-sensitive installation will get done in one step with telephone support to back you up. Bytek can also provide complete installation at your site and on your schedule.

Contact our hardware consultants today, and know what it’s like to work with a quality company. We will listen and learn about your projects and provide a solution that is fast and inexpensive.