Sun Ultra 80

The Sun Ultra 80, with the enclosed tower system, provides the upmost modular and expandable features that buyers have become to expect from Sun Workstation systems. Sun has a commitment, they promise high-performance computing. The Sun Ultra 80 delivers a growing level of achievement and preserves 100% binary compatibility with application software. The Sun Ultra 80 uses the processing power of PGX32 and Sun Elite3D graphics technology, the innovative high-performance peripheral component interconnect (PCI) I/O bus, UltraSPARC -II processors, UltraSCSI disks and PGX32 and Sun Elite3D graphics technology. The Sun Ultra 80 is also known as Ultra 80, U 80, A27, U80 and Ultra80. The Sun Ultra 80 has multiprocessing power, dual-UPA graphics capability to the desktop and industry-standard PCI I/O.