Sun Ultra 60

The Sun Ultra 60 system has four seperate processor configurations. Models 1360 and 2360 that use the 360 MHz processor with 4 MB of Level 2 Cache. Model 1360 is configured with one processor, where as Model 2360 comes standard with 2 processors. Models 1450 and 2450 are the 450-MHz processor versions of the Sun Ultra 60. The 1450 and 1360 can be upgraded to their dual-processor counterparts by simply adding a second processor. The Sun Ultra 60 also can be called Ultra 60, U 60, Ultra60, A23 and U60. The strong Ultra port architecture (also known as an UPA), continues in the Ultra 60 with upgrades. Double UPA graphics slots are used to support up to 2 Sun Elite3D graphics-driven or Sun Creator graphics monitors. Each and every model includes a comprehensive range of graphics functionality, Sun Elite 3D or Sun Creator3D graphics and high performance.