Sun Ultra 450

The Sun Ultra 450 allows an operator to run the up most compute-intensive systems with the peek of performance and reliability, which was not previously available, except in very large-scale and expensive systems. The Sun Ultra 450 server offers all this in a small, yet very affordable package. The Sun Ultra 450 has up to 4 GB of main storage memory. The Sun Ultra 450 has 6 plus TB of storage capacity and 84 GB of fast hot-swap UltraSCSI internal storage. The Sun Ultra 450 system also offers up to four 250/300-MHz UltraSPARCTM-II processors. Also offered is a 600-MB/sec PCI I/O subsystem related directly to outstanding performance and data throughput. Lastly, the Sun Ultra 450 offers the user a 1.6-GB/sec UPA interconnect.