Sun Fire X4270A M2

The Sun Fire X4270 M2 server is sold with superior scalability, maximum performance, and robust I/O bandwidth in a compact 2RU case. The Sun Fire X4270 M2 is flexible, with 2 Flash storage options, and 2 storage configurations this system delivers huge data capacity and very fast I/O performance; which makes the Sun Fire X4270 M2 the best server in its class for virtualized workloads and databases.

The Sun Fire X4270 M2 optimizes a group of databases in a node with I/O bandwidth and maximum computing performance and is filled with internal storage capacities. The Sun Fire X4270 M2 saves on power while using it’s energy-efficient components, which are standard. The Sun Fire X4270 M2 will most likely boost application performance on your system and will surely reduce power consumption with the technology it is made from. Lastly, the Sun Fire X4270 M2 is a simplified system that is made manageable with Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager, which is sold within every system.