Sun Blade 1500

The Sun Blade 1500 workstation is sold with a high-performance 64-bit with computing that is perfect for a wide range of technical and business environments. The Sun Blade 1500 comes standard with a large set of workstation features, which include up to 2 internal 120-GB Ultra ATA100 hard drives, support for 8 GB of DDR memory, 5 PCI slots, and support for high-performance graphics like the Sun XVR-100, Sun XVR-1200, and Sun XVR-600 graphics accelerators. The Sun Blade 1500 comes standard with a built-in USB 2.0, USB 1.1, and IEEE 1394a FireWire ports, and it’s on-board Gigabit Ethernet work great.

The Sun Blade 1500 is also referred to as SunBlade1500, Sun Blade1500, A43, Sun Blade 1500, SB1500 Blade 1500, and SunBlade 1500.