SPARC station 5

The SPARC station 5 or SS5 (Which also has a code-name of Aurora) is a workstation. The SPARC station 5 is based on the original sun 4m architecture, and the SPARC staion 5 is enclosed in a pizza-box looking chassis. A simpler form of the SPARC station 5 is a cheaper version of the SS5. These same Sun products, like the SPARC station 5, were also sold under the name "Netra" (Sun still continues to sell machines with this same name). The SPARC station 5 package is sold as "set-up and ready to go" web servers software. The SunOS 4.1.3_U1B onwards system will also run on a SPARC station 5. Also a Solaris 2.3 Edition II to Solaris 9 works, as well as a Linux - Most distributions of Linux have issues running on a TurboSPARC (170MHz) SS5. If a person were to ues a NetBSD/sparc or a OpenBSD/sparc or a NeXTSTEP would each work with the SPARC station 5.