Sparc Enterprise M5000

The SPARC Enterprise M5000 offers a 100% SPARC/ Solaris binary compatibility along with mission-critical RAS capabilities which makes sure that the application in available. The SPARC Enterprise M5000 is sold with Key Applications as follows, ERP, SCM, and CRM deployments, BIDW databases, data mart, decision support systems, a collaboration system, and a consolidation capabilities.

The SPARC Enterprise M5000 features a new SPARC64 VII+ processor along with an increased clock speed that is offered up to 2.66 GHz. Oracle Solaris is pre-installed on every SPARC Enterprise M5000 that we sell. The SPARC Enterprise M5000 also features a built-in support for hundreds or thousands of Oracle Solaris Zones and 4 dynamic domains. The SPARC Enterprise M5000 is available with interchangeable power fans, I/O cards and supplies.