Netra 5220

The Netra 5220 is powered by the 64-thread Ultra SPARC T2 processor. This system will optimizes network power, output, and density consumption in a certified package of an NEBS. The Netra 5220 provides extreme computing, low power consumption-1250 independent, density, secure virtual domains. Each of which beat others in its same class. The Netra 5220 comes with a Telcordia NEBS level-3 certification; this is reliable in environments that are severe. The Netra 5220 also supports a Solaris 10 and up to 64 GB of memory. This system is sold with a "system on a chip" processor from a Sun Ultra SPARC T2. Netra 5220 has exceptional performance and up to 64 simultaneous execution threads, each one with the largest levels of energy and space efficiency. The Netra 5220 is sold with an integrated virtualization that has over 1,250 isolated domains ion each rack. The Netra 5220 is space-efficient, and has a 2RU, 20-inch-deep design, and is rack-optimized to supports up to 4x 146 GB SAS drives.