Netra 2000

The Netra 2000 server offers power efficiency, dramatic space, and cooling using Sun's Chip Multithreading Technology (CMT) processor. The Netra 2000 server's large computing capabilities and a very low power usage, along with its stunning features, make it perfect to meet the increasing demands of the network of systems set up today. This system may be the first of the next generation. The Netra 2000 offers 1 UltraSPARC T1 "Niagara" processor and a pre-loaded Solaris 10 Operating System. The Netra 2000 also is equipped with small, yet effective, 2RUs high, less than 20 inches in depth. Up to 4 disk drives and an Integrated Lights Out Management operation system. The Netra 2000 is also offered with a hardware RAID (0 + 1) support.