IBM xSeries Servers

Designed with improved efficiency and cooling systems that reduce energy usage in your datacenter.

IBM pSeries Servers

IBM's previous generation of products for AIX® and Linux®clients.

IBM iSeries Servers

Replaced the entire family of the i5 servers and older AS/400 product lines.

IBM iSeries Servers

The IBM iSeries servers replaced the i5 servers and the older AS/400 product lines. The IBM power systems will now replace this entire family. Bytek buys and sells all IBM iSeries and IBM i5 servers as well as previous generation AS/400 server systems.

When you utilize IBM servers, you implement a proven solution built on a platform you can trust. The AS/400 server ruled the datacenter for many years. IBM followed up with power and
performance in the iSeries servers and i5 systems. IBM’s latest Power™ platform, the IBM i application has world class performance and great flexibility while lowering monthly operations

The IBM iSeries server integrates a combination of database, security, and web services, efficiently deploying business processing applications. Over 5,000 solutions from over 2,500 ISVs are available.

Contact us today. Bytek can quote a professionally refurbished IBM iSeries server that will fit your budget.

Sell Us Your Used IBM iSeries Servers

Bytek will buy your used IBM iSeries servers. Your iSeries servers will be recycled, providing an environmentally-friendly solution to excess IT equipment.